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Retail Store & Bakery

Thanks for visiting our Bakery!

We offer an assortment of scrumptious home-baked cakes and pies sure to please everyone's taste.


Regular Bread Pudding $25
Pound Cake Bread Pudding $35
Banana Pudding $25


Lemon Ice Box Pie $14
Strawberry Pie $15
Pecan Pie $15
Sweet Potato Pie $14
Coconut Custard Pie $14
Egg Custard Pie $14
Peanut Butter Pie $12.99


Italian Cream $30
Coconut $25
Chocolate $22
Red Velvet $30
German Chocolate $30
Carrot $30
Pecan Praline Cheese Cake $30
Sour Cream Pound $22
Buttermilk Pound$22
Mississippi Pound $22
Fresh Apple Pecan Pound $28
Pecan Praline Pound $25